Spiritual Alchemist

I’m Ahsaki Kai, and my passion is using my gifts and talents to help you overcome obstacles through psychic readings, spiritual counseling, intuitive guidance and coaching.

Though I’m a natural intuitive, first coming to awareness of my ability at around age four, I have spent a lifetime honing my skills through a career that has encompassed social work and counseling. Those experiences combined with specialized training and certifications in Advanced Spiritual Counseling, Hypnosis, and Reiki have enabled me to serve a growing list of clients with the answers that bring them clarity and direction.

I am proud to be true to my passions and purpose while helping so many extraordinary people reach their own truth. Because it’s impossible to describe in mere words the magnitude of being present for the “wow” and “ah-ha” moments, I can only invite you to experience your own.

I am clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, a medium/channel and empathic.Answers to your questions are just a click away, schedule an appointment for insight into your love life, finances, family, health concerns or life purpose now.

Love & Light,

Ahsaki Kai


A very special thanks to Keena Moffett and Tiaka Wright for providing the beautiful photography featured in this template.