Find out what LIFE has in store for YOU...

My intuitive abilities are gifts designed to assist you with getting to your end result…...... The happier marriage, a fulfilling career, more income, a better relationship with spouse/family/friends/peers. These things often elude us until we peer behind the curtain and find out what is really happening. But you don’t have to suffer through worry and doubts. If you’re seeking answers to life’s questions, big or small – book a reading with me to settle your thoughts so you can find your focus and move towards success.

Types of Sessions

Relationship/Love – Want to know about your next relationships? Your soulmate? Your current love? I will tune into you and the connection that you may have with someone else, I will be able to tune in to the patterns and beliefs that you may not even be aware of that are actually driving your feelings and the actions that you take. I will also be able to tune into what soul lessons a relationship you might be asking about is designed to deliver.

Business - If you had access to better, faster, more detailed intel and guidance, how successful could you be? Bottom line: what if you could shorten your information gathering process by leaps and bounds, accessing data you didn’t think possible to know? What if you could know clearly how your departments and teams could be more effective? What if you knew ahead of time about the red flags in that process? Do you know if your client, your prospect, your staff or business partner is aligned with your goals? Is your project viable? What if you could make more money? What if you could stop losing money or business? I can see red flags as well as open doors. My ability can help you chart a more direct path towards your success, help you achieve what you want in business. I can tell you if you are on the right track, and if not, help point the way.

Spiritual Guidance - Learn to become self-disciplined and confident instead of self-defeating. Gain tools for spiritual growth and self-mastery. Overcome self-sabotaging habits; even at the subconscious level. Understand how to look at yourself with objectivity, acceptance and compassion. Discover how to expand your awareness. Get inspired to become the best you can be!

Who are my guides/angles/guardian? Meeting your Spirit Guide or finding your guardian angel is a fast track to wisdom and protection. Your guide is likely hanging around waiting to commune with you, and waiting to be identified! Tapping into who your guidance system or as I like to refer to them your “spirit squad” often gives you an extra layer of understanding and an immediate connection to the gracious spiritual beings on the other side wanting to gently guide you through life. In a reading on spirit guides, angels and your guardian, I can identify them and help get messages specific for you and your life.

Life Purpose - Before you were born, your soul created a life plan, a map for your upcoming voyage on the Physical Plane. Your life plan includes people to meet, places to go, lessons to learn. And most importantly, it includes your complete personality. What is your life purpose? Are you ready to find out? I can give you detailed information and messages to help guide you on why you are here and what your life is all about.

Past Life (who have I been)? - A past life reading lets you delve into your soul’s previous experience. Accounts of previous life experiences can include your appearance, purpose, work, social group and major experiences. All questions are welcome and we can also look for specific events or happenings that haunt you or tug at your consciousness…. if you wonder whether you ever experienced a certain event in a past life – this is definitely something that can be uncovered.

Do I have Intuitive/Spiritual Gifts? - A question I am often asked is whether or not someone has psychic or intuitive gifts. The feelings and experiences for anyone who is an empath, and intuitive or in any other way gifted can often be confusing, hard to talk about and equally hard to define for the individual. Through a session with me we can get divine guidance and specific knowledge of your gift, how far you have advance, how you can develop further and how you can shield form uncomfortable or strange feelings.